Registration Guidelines

ATVC Virtuals season 2 2021 is a solitary event organized by INFI-LEAGUE Motorsports, India. Online registration for the ATVC Virtual Season 2, 2021 starts from 10th July 2021. Registration must be done by either the faculty Advisor or the team Captain. The complete procedure must be followed while registering for the event. Registration ends on 5th October 2021.

Team Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for participating in the ATVC Virtual season 2, 2021 is listed below.

  • All the participating members should be from mechanical or electrical background presently enrolled either in Graduation or Diploma.
  • There must be at least one faculty advisor to guide the Team.
  • The team must have a Captain and a Vice Captain.
  • There must be a minimum 5 members per team however the maximum number can go upto 25 members per team.
  • Teams already going for any of the other events can also participate if they fulfill the rulebook criteria.

Registration Amount

The registration amount for both (Combustion and Electric) is ₹12,000. The above fee includes the GST which accounts to 18% as per GOI norms. Registration fees have to be submitted online through the registration portal. Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, and will not be returned to the teams in any case.

  • NOTE :
  • The registration process is highly administered, information once entered cannot be edited in future. Hence, utmost care is requested while filling up the form.
  • Once locked, the profile can only be unlocked once only and that too on a special request.
  • Any type of false data/ repetition of data is not allowed, if found will lead to the termination of that particular team member with immediate effect.

Registration Flow

  • Click on the REGISTER NOW button.
  • Provide the following Details.
    1. Team Captain Name & Team Faculty Mentor
    2. Team e-mail Address
    3. Password
    4. Institution Name & Institution Affiliation
    5. Institute Type
    6. Number of Members in the Team (max.25)
    7. Contact Number & Communication Address
  • After successful registration, you will be redirected to the Login Page. Enter team’s e-mail and Password. The password can later be changed.
  • After successful login, you will able to see your teammates as you add them.
  • Go to the team tab and enter the details about your team members.
  • Go to the next tab and add the Faculty Advisors. Fill in the details.
  • Go to the payment option and select your payment mode. Make payments.
  • To edit any information provided you first need to unlock your profile.
  • Password can be changed by clicking the ‘Change Password’ tab.

Bank Detail

Team has to provide the following Team/ Faculty bank account details during the time of registration itself to avoid any inconvenience after the completion of the event.

  • Account holders name & Account number
  • IFSC code
  • PAN CARD & Aadhar card

We have tried to keep the registration procedure simple and convenient. Mail us at for any queries or whatsapp at +91-9990616029.


Teams to submit all the reports at the specified time. Failing to fulfill the criteria could lead to elimination of the team from the final round of the Virtual event.

Final Design Report (FDR)

should include the following

  • Chassis (CAE Analysis)
  • Innovation Report
  • CAD file (chassis, assembled view with body work)
  • Technical specification sheet
  • Steering Report
  • Suspension selection, Calculation, Technical data analysis if any.
  • Braking report
  • Tyres, Wheels, Suspension, Selection parameters.

Cost Report

The cost report is your chance to accurately present the cost of the vehicle you have designed, built and are ready to race at the competition.

Business Plan

Design Validation Plan (DVP)

Virtual and real time tests and analysis are to be included in the design validation plan.

Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis (DFMEA)

A structured approach to

  • Identify the ways in which a product or process can fail.
  • Estimating risk associated with specific failures.
  • Prioritizing action that should be taken to avoid or reduce risk.

Gantt Chart

Gantt chart includes the process during manufacturing of a vehicle from starting to end date. Management of project and distribution of work among team members with completion deadlines.

Date of submission

  • Teams should submit their reports by 12:00 midnight of 7th October 2021.
  • No further request for submitting the documents will be acceptable beyond this time.


The workshop organized by Infi-league motorsports is an integral part of ATVC Virtual Season 2, 2021. It is mandatory for all the teams to attend this 7 days (29th September’21 - 5th October’21) workshop. This workshop is completely free and essential for students to understand the working and structural organization of how to build a vehicle.

Day No. Dates Webinar Topic Time
Day-1 29-09-2021 Event Description
(ATVC Virtual season 2, 2021 Technical standards)
Day-2 30-09-2021 Cost Report
Business Plan
Day-3 01-10-2021 Chassis Design/ Roll Cage Design
Braking System
Day-4 02-10-2021 Suspension System
Steering System
Day-5 03-10-2021 Transmission
(Combustion and electric)
Day-6 04-10-2021 Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Computer-Aided Engineering (CAM)
Day-7 05-10-2021 Chassis /Roll Cage Analysis
Other Report Format


Description Prize Money
Overall Prize Money ₹70,000
Overall Winner ₹25,000
Overall Runner-Up ₹15,000
Mega Marketing Round ₹3,500
Mega Marketing Round-Runner UP ₹1,000
Transmission ₹2,500
Transmission Runner-up ₹1,000
Break ₹2,500
Break Runner-up ₹1,000
Chassis ₹2,500
Chassis- Runner-up ₹1,000
CAE ₹2,500
Suspension ₹2,500
DVP ₹2,500
DFMAE ₹2,500
Business Report ₹2,500
Cost Report ₹2,500


What is ATVC?

ATVC (Aravalli Terrain Vehicle Championship) is a grand and challenging dune buggy championship, organised by Infi-league Motorsports every year. It is a Dynamic championship where teams from Engineering colleges and Universities across India participate and compete for champions trophy.

What is ATVC Virtual Season 2, 2021?

During Covid-19 pandemic, when students are almost locked in their homes and not getting a chance to participate in any of the adventurous sports like ATV, Buggy championship,we at Infi-league came with the solution for students to showcase their talent and prove their skills. ATVC Virtual is an online ATV Championship where teams from all across India participate and challenge their opponents in a series of virtual events.

Where is this event going to happen?

Since the event is completely virtual therefore all the events will be held online.

When is the event?

Final dates of the event are 09th - 13th October 2021.

What is the criteria to participate in the event?

  • All the participating members must be from mechanical or electrical background presently enrolled either in Graduation or Diploma.
  • There must be at least one faculty advisor to guide the Team.
  • The team must have a Captain and a Vice Captain.

This event is for Electrical or combustion vehicles?

Teams can participate in any of the vehicle type categories. Both the categories of vehicles are accepted.

How many other events ATVC is conducting?

  • ATVC Dynamic North
  • ATVC Dynamic South
  • ATVC Virtuals

What is the prize money and categories of winners?

Total price money is ₹70,000.

What is MMR?

MMR - Mega Marketing Round

Do we provide any accommodation and fooding in this event?

Since the event is completely virtual and students can easily participate from the comfort of their homes therefore there is no need of providing accomodation and fooding.

What is the registration fee for the event?

Registration fee is ₹12,000.( including GST)

Mode of payment?

Only through the portal listed on the website.

How many teams can participate?

Multiple teams can participate from the same college or institute but the team must have different TeamName, Captain, and Design.

Minimum team size?

The minimum no of team members are 5.

Maximum team size?

The maximum team size is 25.

What is the workshop all about?

In the workshop the course module will give you all about the event and also basics of vehicle design and simulation will be taught.

Any registration charges for the workshop?

No,there are no charges for the workshop.

Will I get the certificates for each workshop?

Yes, there will be 7 certificates for 7 different workshops

Any goodies or shoutouts?

No such goodies as of now if any, teams will be informed by mail.

Benefits of Program

  • Helps you to enhance and brush-up your technical skills.
  • Encourages teamwork and leadership qualities.
  • Helps you in selecting your area of interest and finding what excites you the most.
  • Interaction with industrial experts helps you to clear your doubts.
  • Offers you an opportunity to work with us.
  • Offers you the direct opportunity to work with professionals on the live projects.
  • This training program helps you to understand step by step methods of fabrication, which will help you for building your own vehicle while taking part in any of the design competitions.