What is ATV

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad, three-wheeler, four-track, four-wheeler, or quadricycle, as defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control. As the name implies, it is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles.

By the current ANSI definition, ATVs are intended for use by a single operator, although some companies have developed ATVs intended for use by the operator and one passenger.

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a land-based automobile with a handlebar steering, a straddle seat and is capable of manoeuvring to remote locations where the normal cars and bikes aren’t capable to reach.

Aravalli Terrain Vehicle Championship 2020

Aravalli Terrain Vehicle Championship is a nationally recognized competition powered by Infileague Motorsports to help curb the future of techno freaks across the country.

Infileague is leading up to the national finals as ATVC Season 3 from February 15 to 19, 2020 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat where more than 100 prominent colleges across the country will be participating. Out of such 100 All Terrain Vehicles, around 80 vehicles shall be petrol based and around 20 vehicles shall be electric vehicles. Racing of such electric vehicles shall further motivate and support the objective of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi’s recent announcement that EVs and ICE vehicles can coexist in India. This event has more than 2500 engineering students from a different line of courses participating to showcase their technical and design skills. Season 3 comes with more dirt, guts and glory as the cars will be put through a series of 22 tests which includes manoeuvrability test, acceleration and brake test, innovation test and cost evaluation.

Let’s not forget that the competition is not just limited to the regular IC Engine based ATVs but is now open to electric ATVs which is supporting the motive and objective of honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

This year at the Aravalli Terrain Vehicle Championship, participants are awarded cash prizes worth 12 lakhs. Put your feet on the accelerator paddle and hurry up as we wish to see you all in Season 3.

ATVC 2020 Highlights

  • This event shall be organized for 5 days at Ahmedabad from 15.02.2020 to 19.02.2020.
  • Event will be attended by more than 100 prominent engineering colleges from different parts of the country.
  • Each such college shall send a team of 25-35 emerging entrepreneurs and innovators who shall bring their vehicle designed by them in accordance with the specifications given by us.
  • This event is being organized for the first time in the State of Gujarat, which shall further strengthen the image of the Gujarat state which is known as the automobile hub at the international level.
  • As more than 2500 engineering students from mechanical / automobile/ electrical/ electronics and communication/ Information Technology background shall showcase their technical and designing skills for continuous 5 days, it will provide a big platform to the automobile industry to identify the emerging Indian talent and will be a medium to provide the on-site recruitment facility to them.
  • Participants of this event shall get more than 50 cash prizes worth Rs. 12 lakhs.
  • This event is expected to be attended by more than 50,000 people including students, eminent personalities and representatives from mechanical engineering and automobile sector.
  • This event also will include the display of paintings/ drawings/models of “CHANDRAYAAN-2” which shall be designed by the talent of young school children from around 100 schools. Further, no charge shall be taken from such school children and cash awards and participation certificates would be given to the selected teams.
  • Among others, some international (Indian) racers also shall be participating in the event. Winners of this event may get an opportunity to take part in the international racing championships. Further, out of 2500 team members, around 500 women team members also will be participating in the event.
  • This event shall be a platform for such students and visitors for learning and showcasing the leadership qualities, team work, innovations, creativity, self management, motivation, risk taking capabilities, entrepreneurial and managerial skills.
  • Through this event, our objective shall be to promote and support the missions and schemes of our Hon’ble Prime Minister like:
    • Skill India Mission;
    • Start Up India campaign;
    • Make in India campaign;
    • Woman Empowerment;
    • Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan;
    • Employment opportunities etc.

Our ATVC - 2019 Sponsors

Briggs and Stratton
Dainik Bhaskhar
Koshi Motors
Imagine 2 Innovate
BRC Customs

ATVC is one of it's kind event in Rajasthan. My best wishes are with all the participants who've put their efforts in building up their ATVs.

ATVC is an amazing competition which allow us to do our best.I think all students should take part enthusiastically in it.

It's a pleasure to recommend all the engineering students to be a part of ATVC. I believe that it is one of the best platforms to show up their talent.

ATVC will be a golden opportunity for all the undergraduate students to learn fabricating and racing an ATV and gain new experiences.

Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best.I would recommend everyone to be part of the competition to bring the best out of them.

It's time to implement all your theoritical knowledge in the practical world and build an ATV that's off the mainstream.

The healthiest competition occur when average people win by putting above average effort.

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