ATVC 2023

ATVC - 2023

ATVC Season 6 was held from March 1st to5th 2023 in Pune, Maharashtra where 70 prominent colleges across the country participated. This event had more than 2000 engineering students, from different streams of engineering course, participating to showcase their technical and design skills. They were put through a series of 22 tests which included maneuverability test, endurance, acceleration and brake test, innovation test and cost evaluation.

The Prize money given out was

  • For combustion engine : 5L
  • For electric powered vehicle : 5L
  • The event was inaugurated on the 1st March 2023 in presence of dignitaries:


  • Mr. Sanjay (Bala) Bhegade, President of PCET Nutan Maharashtra Engineering College
  • Mr. Rajesh Mhaske,Chairman NMVPM
  • Pawan Tiwari,Founder CEO Infi League MotorSports
  • Chandresh Sharma, CMO Infi League MotorSports
  • Dr Vilas Deotare, Principal NMIET
  • Piyush Keshav,Chairman, Orison Education India Limited
  • Members of Orison Education India Limited
  • Himanshu Shekhar, Member - Board of Research at MIT ADT university and a renowned Leadership and Spiritual Coach
  • Reema Kumari,A dynamic young research Scholar, a Learning coach, & Program Director at Orison Education India Limited
  • Prem Sinha, Founder of trading
  • Archana Sinha,Director of Hungry Minds Learning Pvt. Ltd
  • Priyesh Sinha, A 22-year-old financial wizard and Founder of Ample Money Life

Events held in ATVC season 6


It was a 5-day event in which 70 teams participated with around 2000 participants and around 2000 visitors each day including students from nearby schools and colleges.

School Event

Orison Education India Limited is an educational reform company. Orison intends to catapult the mindset of the youth toward building a culture of research and innovation across the nation. The Company, with its concept of SMILe(Self-motivated Intelligent Learning Environment) and the Seven stages of learning model, has transformed the learning journey of 10 lakh plus students to date.

Classroom teaching has its own fixed speed, where a student is unable to catch up with that speed, he gets disheartened and might even give up. Here comes smile, SMILE stand for self-motivated, intelligent, learning environment. It’s an environment of learning where different level of intellect learns their interesting domain, at their own pace at one given time. It’s an agriculture form of educational model where child is set under a SMILE environment to act under the environment. As a result of which child eventually develop a learning bud of reading and start to thrive in their Respective domain.

Through smile, model teacher and student both create an ambience in which they stay in a creation mode, and elevate their learning at one single time. The beautiful part of this model is silence

All this happens under Dhyan Mudra.
  • Self-assessment
  • Focused learning
  • Customized learning
  • Learn, think, imagine, innovate all these are the beautiful and wonderful architecture of this SMILE model
  • Let’s together bring this smile to every child

At ATVC 2023, we have organized a 2-hour session where students will be educated about the four pillars that are Finance, Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship (FIRE) - In which the speakers are:

  • Piyush Keshav, Founder of Orison Education India limited
  • Prem Sinha,Founder of Hungry Mind Learning Pvt Ltd
  • Anand Pandey,Scientist and Founder of AKP technology
  • Sonali Bhawsar, Bio Logic Pvt Ltd

Closing Ceremony

The culminating day saw the closing ceremony which was conducted in the presence of dignitaries, sponsors, students and visitors. The chief guest at the occasion were Mr. Anmol Singh (CFO, Ding Infinity) and Mr. Raushan jha (Production Head) who gave the awards to the winning teams. The event created a sense of empowerment and confidence in the mind of young students and motivated them to take their ideas ahead for the betterment of engineering in India. There was an all-girls team too which was awarded a special award for their feat.