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on 23th MARCH, 2018, at RAJASTHAN









Proposed Events

We have a series of events and shows dedicated to building this event remarkably successfull. Along with that , enjoy the beauty of Kota city .

ATV Dynamic Round

The Dynamic Round
The Final Round of the Competition, where the Best Teams from the country compete with each other. Teams are required to bring their vehicle to the Venue and Participate in Events, after they are inspected. Teams win for Excellent Performances in subsequent events and the Highest Cumulative score wins the event. There are a lot of more prizes in this Round. The Dynamic Round consists of a series of Events

Bike Stunt Shows

Meet, Stunt Silencer Z on the first day of the ATV event at Rajasthan Technical University Kota, the name signify them “they steel the hearts of the audience’s silently by their talent”. They whole country known them for their freestyling combos. They boost up the hearts of racers participating in the championship. Stunt silencer z was started with a motive to make people understand that stunt riding is not just some trick performed by random boys on the road. It is a sport which is worthy of all the respect. It has been more than 12 years since they have started and during this journey while practising and during their performances, they have become a family ,consisting all the stunt riders across the Rajasthan. They believe if they want to nourish this sport, they must stay as family. “The only motto that comes in our mind while riding is Full throttle”, says Tony D, from team stunt silencer z, while describing his experiences with stunt riding.

Vintage Rally

“Classy and Antique”, the perfect set of words to describe our VINTAGE RALLY 2k17. We’re sure that you won’t be able to take your eyes off from the beauty of marvellous vintage cars. The classics like Ford classics, Jaguar, Mitsubhishi evo rally car and many more will be there for you to laid your eyes upon. The major attraction of this rally are the cars assessed for orginality. The rally is going to make an incredible spectacle for both car aficionados and laymen. This exhibition is going to teach us a lot about the beginning of the era of four wheels and more. So yes, during those wonderful 4 days of the dynamic round of ATVC, you can consider this as a small gift from us to make your journey a little more memorable. Vintage lovers? We hope that you would not like to miss such a great opportunity. Come join us at ATVC. .

Auto Expo

So hey, cheers! Shout at the top of your voice because ATVC is bringing you the hottest event to save you from the cool breeze of march. Everyone loves the motor sports, known as Auto Expo, that we see on television every year. Here we announce an Auto Expo, which’ll be a classic display of famous automotive brands in the premises of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota during the 4 glorious days of Dynamic round of ATVC. It’ll be a powerful exhibition of automobiles where famous automobile brands will show off their latest and dynamic designs. It’s a great opportunity for all the engineering and diploma students to meet various automobile firms personally. Also show your enthusiasm and love for machines while standing in audience and let the atmosphere get warmed with all your cheers. The Auto Expo is going to turn out to be the classic event where one can explore the dynamism of engineering. AUTO EXPO 2017! Can you feel the thrill? Would you also like to be a part of this? Come join us at ATVC and become a part of the most awaited rally in kota. .

Pro Nights

Meet, the celebrities on the 27th night, THE ATV EVENT witnessed the grandeur and tranquillity of the pronite in RTU Kota. In the Pronite different programmes will preform by the celebrities which turns the most sombre mood into roaring fits of happiness. In the pronite the band mesmerised the audience with their intruding vocals and the thumping beats. The crazy dance moves and an awesome artist to blend them right makes the perfect evening. The DJ with his ability .

How To Get To Us

We are a team of events and conferences dedicated to building remarkable events. Working with us gets you access to our full suite of conference and events.

From Bus Stand

Taking a bus to the institute If you are travelling by a bus to the institute, one could take the bus from the Nayapura road. The last mile connectivity is provided by tempos and auto rickshaws that ply in abundance from the Nayapura road to the institute. Shared cabs are also available.


From Airport Aerodrome

Flying into Kota Airport Aerodrome The institute is located just 20 minutes away from the airport. If you happen to fly into Kota, one could easily take a Jugadee Auto from the airport to get to the institute.


From Railway Station

Taking a train to Kota If you are travelling into Kota by train, one is advised to alight at Kota Junction. The institute is located approximately 15 km from the station and it may take up to 40+ minutes travelling to the institute by a cab. Other suitable railway stations to use in Jaipur include Dakania Talav station that reduces the distance by a good 5 km and the onward travel time by 20 minutes.


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