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What is an ATV?

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle ) is basically a land based automobile capable of reaching remote areas where normal cars and bikes couldn't reach. It is designed in such a way that it can handle variety of terrain. It can run in forests , up the hill, on ice (with spiked tyres) and many more rough terrains where regular vehicles can't perform.

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About ATVC

The Aravalli Terrain Championship is a golden opportunity for students currently studying pursuing engineering / diploma.The competition is to design and fabricate a steering ATV vehicle , which is operated by a fuel engine. The competition will not only help students to build their interests towards automobiles but also help them to incorporate team work and management skills within themselves.The competition is divided into 6 rounds.

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About the organisation

The "Infi-League Motosports " is an organisation focused on the technical and management development. It challenges the undergraduate and diploma engineering students to research and develop innovative projects, inspires them to think out of the box, as imagination encircles the world. The Aravalli Terrain Championship which is organised by Infi-League Motorsports gives a golden chance to students to work in a team and work for a common goal. Future of the country is highly dependent on the students; so, nurturing them is the need of the hour. The Infi-League Motorsports is the best platform for the engineering/diploma students to develop practical skills. We believe in , "Learn, implement and share"

Our Team

Our Mentors

Vice Chancellor

Prof. N.P. Kaushik

Honourable Vice Chancellor

Dean Academics

Prof. S.C. Jain

Dean F.A.


Prof./Dr. Rajesh Singhal

E.D. Cell Coordinator
Chief Warden

TPO Head

Prof. Rajeev Rajora

TPO Chairman

Aravalli Terrain Vehicle Championship

Aravalli Terrain Vehicle Championship is an off-terrain ATV/Dune Buggy racing competition which is a tremendous platform to showcase your skills with machine.

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